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Reports of long and costly disputes over financial matters in divorce, including those where business assets are involved, are common.

That’s why it makes sense to bring on board accountants experienced in business divorces, like Milsted Langdon in Bath, Bristol, LondonTaunton and Yeovil, to work alongside your legal advisers.

The landmark case of White v White in 2000 established the principle of equality as the starting point for division of assets in a divorce after each party’s reasonable needs have first been met.

In effect, this means that the assets accumulated by you and your partner during the course of your marriage would, once each party’s needs have been met, typically be split evenly between you, although other issues such as the length of your marriage and the extent and nature of the assets may affect the outcome.

By clarifying financial issues – including ensuring that you have a complete and accurate picture of your partner’s business and other assets – you will be able to make informed decisions. Your legal advisers will also have the information they need to represent you effectively and achieve outcomes in your best interests.

Our accountancy, forensic accountancy, pensions and tax expertise means that we are ideally placed to assist you and your legal advisers on issues including:

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